5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Lively


You put in your heart to build a house and you need to put your soul completely to make your home look lively and recital.

The designing of a home is art with hand-picked aesthetics radiating a vibe, depicting a story, and making the choices right. Every corner that you design should make the hearts beat and eyes open wide. When there is no single way to do that, DeStudio@32 brings you simple ways to give your space a subtle makeover to jazz it for all.

Contrasting upholstery, wall art, decorated corners, and live plants are certain illustrations that could make your home feel at home. Starting from colourful decor to quirky coffee tables to appealing couch selections, there are numerous styles to mix and match and bring out the real charm. Decorating a home is not only about using fancy aesthetics but using little pieces of art that have your heart, grabbing all attention, and never fading out of fashion.

DeStudio@32 brings you simple steps that you can use in giving your decor look lively and out of your dream -

Here are some ideas -


A Photo Wall

Photos of past memories are always captivating. Build a photo wall with clip hangings, small or big frames in different ways. Photos with friends and family, photos from vacation are memories that stay with you forever and always brighten up the face with a smile. Walls with photos and a strip of hanging lights will definitely spruce up any space.

Bring in Live Plants

Plants are certainly a turn-on for any decor. A classic vintage look or an urbane design, live indoor plants jazz up any corner you wish to. With the indoor plants trending currently, they are the personal favorites of a decor-loving person. Some Areca Palm, money plant, snake plant, the fiddle-leaf fig tree, and many other low maintenances and indoor friendly plants to make your corners give out a stunning vibe. Big plants for the corners, small potted plants hanging inside a macrame plant holder, or just sitting on a coffee desk are some options that can make your room decor frisky and lively. The plants are not only appealing for the eyes but also a great way to purify the air inside.


Brighten the Place with Lamps and Lights

The big overhead lights are things of yesterday. Today what the indoors demand is a cosy corner with a bedside lamp. Light up your nights brightly although not so much that it pinches the eyes. Wall-mounted lights, hanging design spotlights, bedside lamps are amongst many features that can enhance a decor making it romantic, cosy, and yet brightening up the space extraordinarily. A softer glow in the dark amplifies the vogue and charm of a place in different ways.

Throw Pillows and Rugs

The rugs and throw pillows are so much in trend. When you look back at your home, it must give you a vibe of beauty as well as comfort. Set up a side mattress and some comfy throw pillows with decorated covers blending right into your fashion theme, a rug with small potted planters on the side, a small coffee table, and your favorite books to completely turn your simple space into an instagrammable one. Adding to that, small fairy lights hanging across the wall, a rustic small cage with some add-on ideas are certain aspects to think about while planning a space of your own where you could relax with a cup of coffee and watch the rain dancing or the sunrays crossing your path.


Mark Your Own Zone

A built-in entertainment center is one must for every home. It will take you to a place where you can relax your mind away indulging in a movie marathon or play-station with your friends. Get your own zone to sneak into an incognito mode whenever you wish to and jazz it up with all your heart.

Apart from all the ones discussed, there are innumerable other options like that make a home impeccable. viz.

  • Deciding between a blind or a curtain
  • Colour coordination can be done wisely for a stunning makeover of your decor.
  • An electric gas panel, or a regular stove
  • A mirror on the wall of the dining
  • Photo frames sharing stories of your good times
  • Ceramic wall hangings
  • Small and big flower vases on the corners and on side tables
  • The dining table decked up with a floral touch or a vintage feel
  • Scented candles in tea-light candle holders placed in certain areas to light up with the light and spread an essence of positivity and good vibes,

are many tasteful options that play an important role in deciding a vibrant decor quotient. As sighted earlier, it is all about making the choices right and the deciding factor plays a major role here. As one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad, we shed some light to help your space brighten up, and the aura that it spreads, twinkles in every nook and corner of your home.

While there are many go-to references to look into while designing a home all by self, the wise is to take professional help as their experience speaks for itself and the creativity with the blend-in techniques brings out your dream into spot-on reality.