Deck up your Home to Look Lively, this Navratri


Navratri has begun and it is that time of the year where everything around just fills up your mind. The onset of Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, Diwali and the upcoming winter brings a fresh fragrance into our mind. With the festive season onsetting, it is highly needed to make your decor sync in the vibe and the colours of the season.

Navratri is celebrated for 9 days to mark the victory of good over evil. Therefore, it is highly necessary to set up your decor in a way that unfurls the festive charm by degrees.

DeStudio@32 brings you some easy hacks to get your space festive ready :


Colourful Walls with Wall Hangings

With Diwali, around the house, it is so imperative to get your space spruced up with nice colour palettes. Touch up your walls with good colour combinations and design it with hangers like crochet, photo frames and much more urbane concepts available with our experts.

Cushions are never too much

When your house is getting ready, why leave the upholsteries behind? Design your living area and bedroom with colorful cushions and cushion covers with tassels or no tassels to make the spaces look lively. Pretty cushions covered in rich and jolly colours will broaden the spectrum of your festivity.


Carpets and Rugs

The walls and cushions definitely needed a lift, so did the carpets. Give your floor a makeover with some Indianess that translates the mood instantly. A traditional rug or a carpet in any area of your house will certainly bring a lot of light into your space and charm your guests even better.

Walk in Style

The entrance should be inviting. Arrange your entrance in a manner so that it looks intriguing and exploring. The time is all about celebrating your culture and depicting it through decor and decoration makes it unparalleled. So, designing your entrance with hanging pots, fairy lights, urlis with floating diyas and flowers in corners sends out a warm feeling that the best times are ahead.


Curtains and Planters

The urbane setting is a mix of traditional values and modern ideas. This festive, hop and shop for some upholsteries that syncs with your mood and resembles your celebrating fever. Curtains, hanging planters, indoor planters with fairy lights will jazz up the space and your Navratri feel.

Stay tuned for more such updates and for more such design ideas, keep looking at this space.