We are a team of young and passionate designers who thrive to excel in innovation and provide the best solution to any architectural circumstance. Praveen Legala, our Chief Architect, is a man with a vision and his understanding of exquisite designs and contemporary settings has given DeStudio a mission of creating unique and soulful spaces for its clientele base.

Architecture and Interior design is an amalgamation of art and science, which needs thorough expertise and an eye for innovation. DeStudio@32 has an experience of more than decade and a half of craftsmanship with fine techniques and talents for its clients which demonstrates the passion for creation and designs. We not only take care of the project but also bring concentrated attention to after sale services for our clients.

The team is led by young minds with zealous designers who have a perfect niche for designing a project aligned with the basic requirements and special needs. DeStudio@32 plays with colours, textures, shapes and style in a calibrated way that reflects the owners’ elegance and personality. We put our soul into every space that speaks to you and about your exquisite taste and elegant touch. A perfect design should always communicate your mind and we foster designs through innovation and a 24*7 after sale service. The idea is to build a foundation through quality and a value added service.